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We strive for 3 goals for everyone that walks in our doors!
Diagnosis within 24 hours
We Save Your Data
No Nickle and Dime Pricing
What kind of services does Data Medics offer?

Fix Your Laptop or Desktop Issues Fast with our 24 Hour Diagnostics!

Computer Dust Removal
Hard Drive Data Backup
Physical RAM Test
Physical Hard Drive Test
Anti-Virus Scan
Full Diagnostic Checklist

Data Medics will never put a ‘Band-Aid’ to fix your issues. We pride ourselves in fixing the problem right the first time and that happens by diagnosing the problem right the first time. Is the root cause a hardware or software issue? We find out!

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Data Transfer from your old computer and clean up included!

Match To Your Needs
Data Transfer Included
Software Install Included
Anti-Virus & Backup Help
Laptop & Desktops Sold
Prices Start @ $589

Are you ready for Windows Vista or does your hardware and software need Windows XP? Some people as well as businesses are not ready for the Vista switch and that’s ok! Give us a call and speak with one of our experienced technicians who can guide you through and give you all the options available for your specific needs...

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Memories are priceless and so is most data on your computer.

Free Assessment
Clean Lab Available
No Data, You Don't Pay
Data Medics Data Recovery Services

There are two basic types of failing hard drives, loud and silent. If you have the loud type of failure it acts as a warning so you know something is not right. You may hear clicking noises or a chirp like a bird. If you experience these sounds, turn your computer off and call us immediately so we can attempt to retrieve your data before Data Recovery is needed or before it is ultimately too late. The silent hard drive failure is the worst...

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Cant come to us? Onsites or Remote Service may be for you!
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