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You formatted your hard drive and forgot to back up.

You deleted a file that you still needed.

Physically bad or going bad and you need your data back.

Data Recovery Commonly Asked Questions
How Do I Know If My Hard Drive Is Failing?

There are two basic types of failing hard drives, loud and silent. If you have the loud type of failure it acts as a warning so you know something is not right. You may hear clicking noises or a chirp like a bird. If you experience these sounds, turn your computer off and call us immediately so we can attempt to retrieve your data before Data Recovery is needed or before it is ultimately too late. The silent hard drive failure is the worst. You will be working one minute then the next nothing. You are not warned, it simply stopped working.

If you experience blue screen, clicking or chirping or random shut downs of your computer, give us a call and we can help. The more you run your hard drive under these circumstances, the greater the chance you will need Data Recovery to get your data back instead of a simple data pull which is a fraction of the cost of Data Recovery.

What Causes Hard Drive Failure?

The most common reasons that hard drives fail and lose data include; power surges, overwriting, laptops dropping, lightning strikes and advice to "just drop in your Windows CD and reload Windows to fix your problem".

How Much Does Data Recovery Cost?

All Data Recovery Diagnostics are free of charge. If we can retrieve your data the prices range from $389-$1200 depending upon the severity of the drive but you will never be charged even if the Data Recovery is successful unless you approve the service and see that your data is there.

What If Data Medics Can Not Get My Data?

If a Data Recovery Clean Lab environment is needed to get your data back there are several important things that you should know before letting anyone take your hard drive apart. Only Certified Data Recovery Clean Labs should be used. Anyone can claim to be a Data Recovery Clean Lab but they are regulated, ask them for their Clean Lab Certificate which should be accessible to all clients. You will find more often than not, they are not certified or they simply send your drive off to a third party.

Data Medics also has relationships with Certified Clean Labs. Call us at 303-503-9151 or contact us for details.

Worried about losing your data or already having some problems with your hard drive? Use the Contact Us page to start the process.

Data Medics Data Recovery

NOTICE: Attempting Data Recovery on your own or through an inexperienced tech may lead to further physical damage to the drive which may make recovery not possible.