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Are you ready for Windows Vista or does your hardware and software need Windows XP? Some people as well as businesses are not ready for the Vista switch and that’s ok! Give us a call and speak with one of our experienced technicians who can guide you through and give you all the options available for your specific needs. Specifically tailoring a laptop or desktop to fit your personal needs is our goal.

We Sell New Custom Computers

Need a computer that does everything you need it to do out of the box without changes or upgrades? XP or Vista? We can help you choose.

Need something more portable? Need it to do everything your desktop used to do or just an email and internet browsing machine? We can help.

Need your data imported and configured correctly into your new computer? We also clean up trialware, setup anti-virus, backup and software updates.

Data Medics Will Setup Your New Computer
True Data Transfer
Startup/Trials Cleanup
Full Windows Updates
Anti-Virus/Backup Setup

Just because you get a FREE data transfer and new computer setup when you purchase a computer from Data Medics doesn't mean you can't get the same treatment for a computer you buy elsewhere! Those other places will 'transfer' your data but we actually transfer your stuff back to where it goes and import when needed instead of dumping into one folder on your desktop. We also clean up your startup, remove trialware, step up a recommended Anti-Virus and setup your backup. It's like our Basic Service + Data Transfer Service for one price!

We Will Set You Up With Something That Fits Your Needs
Custom Built PC
Windows XP - Windows Vista Capable
Service Pack 3
Vista (x64) Capable
XP Professional
XP Home
XP Media Center
Windows Vista
Service Pack 1
Vista (x64)
Home Premium
Business Edition
Ultimate Edition

Customizing a desktop to your specific needs is not as expensive as it used to be. Why buy a generic computer that you will need to upgrade to do what you need to do? Whether it's graphic design, photo editing, video publishing or that ultimate gaming machine that aliens would be jealous of, let us know so we can put something together for you.

Custom Built PC
XP or VISTA for your next Laptop!
Road Warriors Netbooks
19”Desktop Replacement
XP or Vista 64bit
It Will Fit Your Needs

Are you tired of buying laptops just to have them fail within the first 2 years? Do you want a laptop that lasts? We like to focus on higher quality notebooks when putting together quotes for our customers because we've seen too often cheaper 'quick purchases' notebooks fail. We build on ASUS notebooks as our custom laptop due to its higher quality of components over most other brands.

That's not to say we can't advise on what to look for when looking for a non-Asus notebook, we would love to help and can tell you which laptops we see most often with physical failure. Give us a call today!

Business Class Computer Needs
Server 2008 & SBS 2008
Exchange Server
File / Print Server
VPN / Terminal Server
DHCP / DNS Server
SQL Server

Are you looking to expand your business?  Are you ready for a server or integrated Point of Sale Systems?  Are you needing to expand but don’t know what the first step is? We can work with you to make sure that every aspect of your needs now as well as future growth is covered. Our experience helps you stay within your timeline and budget and by taking the time to understand your specific needs, ensures a perfect fit. Not only will we build your Point Of Sale or Server but we also offer setup services, support services as well as consultation services.

All of this normally starts with a FREE Initial Business Onsite so we can sit down and talk about the needs and goals of your company. Let Data Medics help!

Get Your Data Moved To Your New Computer Whether You Bought It From Us Or Not!