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Despite all the problems you guys did a great job and the computer is running much faster!Right Quote Pam Herrmann, Castle Rock

As we become more dependent on technology, it is becoming increasingly important to find honest professionals to help keep you up and running. At Data Medics we don't just fix one problem, but we find the reasons for those problems and fix everything as a whole. There are no band-aids or temporary fixes with us. Our goal is to not see the same computer twice but to see different computers from our pleased clients.

Data Medics Computer Repair Steps

FREE Front Counter Diagnotics! We go through a checklist to show you the problems we are seeing and let you know a service level you need.

After the checkin process a technician verifies the issues and double checks to make sure the correct service level has been quoted.

During the process you are kept informed on the status of your computer & when the work has been completed we will call you right away!

Checkin and Verification Phase

The diagnostics phase is the most important phase because without a proper diagnosis, your will continue to have problems. Most computers do not have 1 simple problem; it’s a cause and effect situation. The problems are caused by other underlying hardware, software and/or virus problems but the effects are endless and annoying.

Computer Repair Phase Begins
XP or VISTA for your next Laptop!
Hard Drive Data Backup
Physical Hard Drive Test
Physical RAM Test
Anti-Virus Scan
Free Dust Removal
Fixing The Problem

Service can be completed either at your home or business at an hourly charge or in our service center at a flat rate charge. We will give the pros and cons for completing work in either location and you can make the decision that works best for you. We don’t speak geek or nerd; we speak simple English because an informed client is our best client!!

Worried about being nickeled and dimed once you give the go ahead for service – well don’t. If we find anything else that is needed in your service, we stop working and call you for permission. If you decide not to complete any of the work, we simply revert you back to how we received your computer and there are no service charges.

We pride ourselves in our work and we don’t hide behind a large storefront or too many employees. If you have a problem or concerns you deal directly with the same person you started with. If your problems are not fixed, we do not charge you because we did not do our job, and that is what sets us apart. Come on in to our Service Center to have your computer looked at today!

Data Medics uses Nod32 - Download 30day Trial!
Data Medics uses Carbonite online backup!
We Do Laptop Jack Resoldering
Our Experience Will Result In Expert Results
Flat Rate Resoldering
Jack Replacement Extra
Free Evaluation

Do you have to hold the power plug in at a certain angle to get the laptop to stay on? Does your battery not charge anymore and you've replaced the Battery/Power Adapter? The adapter plug 'wiggles' a lot in the power jack on your laptop and “it doesn’t charge” or “it sometimes does, and other times it doesn’t”? The Problem might be a loose or broken power jack and Data Medics can help with that!

As with our other services, we diagnose the problem being the laptop jack by using our special tools to verify that your laptop Battery AC Adapter is giving off the proper volts and amps to rule out any outside problems. Then we test your jack and verify that the jack / soldering on the jack is the problem. Our trained technicians can complete this in less than 2 minutes. Come on in to our Service Center to have your laptop looked at today!


Notice: Laptop Jack Resoldering is a very delicate process and should not be attempted by anyone who solders as a hobby. We have special equipment and skills that allow us to properly fix your laptop jack problems. So Contact Us if you would like us to diagnose your laptop to get you back up and running.

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